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Often, we think that life should be easy, especially when other people's lives seem to run more smoothly than our own.
We wonder why we carry such an enormous burden,
or, we think that our problems are insignificant compared to the tragedies in other peoples lives, and we should just toughen up.
The truth is, no pain is insurmountable and no amount of pain is trivial.
Acknowledging how our personal pain affects us is the first step toward the life we want, the next step is contacting Care 4 America
(352) 375-3335

Care 4 America offers Visiting Social Workers to homes, nursing homes & assisted living centers in North & Central Florida. Contact us for details at (352) 375-3335.

Care 4 America Accepts:
Flordia Blue Cross Blue Shield E.A.P.
Florida Medicaid
Flordia Magellan Medicaid - Magellan Behavioural HealthFlorida MINES & Associates
Florida Well Point Behavioral Health
Florida CIGNAFlorida Aetna
Integral Quality Care

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Care 4 America
Low-Cost / Anger Management Classes

Our anger management classes are offered at low cost as part of Care 4 America’s goal to help make mental health and counseling services as accessible as possible to those with need in the greater Gainesville community and to provide an affordable pathway to better self-awareness, improved self-control, and a more rewarding and fulfilling life.

We offer an 8 week anger management course.
Each anger management class will meet once per week at our Gainesville facility.
Registration is for a choice of either early afternoon (1pm) or evening (6pm) classes.
Each class lasts approximately 1 hour.

Cost is $20.00 per class. Full payment ($160.00) may be made at time of registration or $20.00 may be paid at each class. Pre-registration is required. Attendance at every scheduled class is mandatory. While “make-up” classes can be arranged, it may have to be in the form of “one-on-one” counseling at substantially higher cost to the client.

To register for classes and reserve your place in the group:
Please call (352) 375-3335 with your name & contact information and tell us briefly about your circumstances regarding participation in the group.

Upon completion of the course:
Where applicable, on completion of the course, graduates receive a Certificate of successful course completion in anger management in order to satisfy the terms of a court order or the requirements of a third party agency. The client’s successful certification is subject to the evaluation of the counselor.

Care 4 America Anger Management Course Curriculum
Based upon the nationally-recognized Oakland Men’s Project, positive anger control,
the “No Think Zone” & the nature of anger. Our anger management classes address:

Learn to successfully identify and define positive behavior & attitudes. Realize a more productive and happy life, both for yourself and those around you. Register now.

Care 4 America, Inc. – 4001 W. Newberry Road, Suite 3c, Gainesville, FL 32607

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